Admissions FAQs

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Application Process

When is the application deadline?

Admission for the Fall 2017 semester is rolling.

Where should I mail documents?

Please note that the only documents that need to be mailed are official transcripts. Test scores must be sent directly from testing agencies and the remaining materials must be submitted online.

Mail your transcripts to:

Georgetown University
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Graduate Admissions, Box 571004
3520 Prospect Street, NW, Room CB-207
Attn: Master of Arts in Learning and Design
Washington, DC 20057-1004

Does the MLD program admit students for spring term?

No. The MLD program only admits students for the fall term.

Do you offer a part-time option for students?

We approve part-time enrollment for accepted students on an ad hoc basis.

Is there an application fee?

A $90.00 non-refundable fee is payable by credit card at the time of application submission.

May I fax or send a photocopy of my transcript?

No. We do not consider faxed or photocopied transcripts official.

How will I know my application has been received?

When the Graduate School receives your online application, you will receive an application verification email. After you apply online, you can sign into your account to access an electronic checklist detailing what application items have or have not been received. Your checklist is posted the day after you submit your application and application items are logged as soon as they are processed. During our high volume application season (December through March), please allow up to two weeks for your application items to be updated. Online recommendations are automatically updated to a status of “received” when submitted by the recommender.

You can also check the status of your application materials by contacting the Office of Graduate Admissions at 202-687-5568, or by sending an email to with your full name and the department to which you have applied.

When will I know if I was accepted?

Generally, we begin sending decisions in mid-to-late March

Academic Statement

What is the academic statement?

The academic statement provides you with an opportunity to share information not already demonstrated in your resume, transcripts, and other documentation and it should answer the following question: Why is Learning and Design the program for you? It should explain your motivation to study learning design at Georgetown, discuss professional goals, and reflect on past professional and academic achievement, with particular emphasis on skills and knowledge that make you a strong candidate for MLD.

Be thoughtful and specific to help application reviewers picture you thriving in our program’s environment. If your transcripts or test scores do not accurately represent your ability, explain why this is so.

The maximum length for the academic statement is 500 words.

Standardized Tests

Which tests do I need to take?

  • GRE: The GRE is not required, but applicants are welcome to submit their scores if they wish. Our application committee will consider the scores during the review process.
  • TOEFL or IELTS: Applicants without a bachelor’s or advanced degree from an accredited institution of higher education where English is the language of instruction for the entire institution

Test results must be received directly from the appropriate testing organization. Photocopied/faxed documents will not fulfill this requirement.

All results must be received by April 1. Applications will NOT be considered without test results.

How do I report my official test scores?

You need to request that ETS (Educational Testing Services) send your GRE or TOEFL scores to Georgetown University. To request scores, use the code associated with the program to which you are applying. The GRE code is 5244 and the TOEFL code is 5244. For the IELTS code, see

We are not able to accept copies or unofficial score reports. You may contact ETS at 1-800-473-2255 in regard to GRE scores and at 1-800-468-6335 regarding the TOEFL. Testing service websites are and respectively. The IELTS website is available at

How long does it take for the program to receive my test scores?

From the time you request for your scores to be sent from ETS, it can take about a month for them to be received and then processed in the admissions office. Please plan ahead!

What is the GRE code?

Our GRE code is 5244.

What is the TOEFL code?

Our TOEFL code is 5244.

What is the IELTS code?

For IELTS codes, see

International Students

Is there a language proficiency requirement for admission?

All applicants are required to demonstrate a level of proficiency in the English language sufficient to meet the admission requirement of the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. Proficiency can be demonstrated by:

  • the receipt of a bachelor’s or advanced degree from an accredited institution of higher education in the United States or from a university where English is the language of instruction for the entire institution;
  • submission of an official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score report with a minimum score of approximately 100 (internet test). (Minimum of 22 on each individual section); or
  • submission of an official International English Language Testing System (IELTS) – Academic Module score report with a minimum score of 7.0.

TOEFL and IELTS must be received directly from the appropriate testing organization. Photocopied/faxed documents will not fulfill this requirement.

Exception: International students who received a bachelor’s or advanced degree from an accredited institution of higher education where the primary language was English will be considered for an exemption from this requirement.

What is the minimum IELTS score?

The minimum IELTS score is 7.0.

What is the minimum TOEFL score?

The minimum TOEFL score is 100.


How many recommendations are required?

We require that applicants submit three recommendations.

Ideally, applicants should include at least one academic recommendation and one professional recommendation.

How should my references submit recommendations?

References must submit recommendations using the online application portal. The online application utilizes a secure online recommendation system which will:

  • automatically email your recommendation providers with instructions for online submission of the recommendation;
  • allow applicants to track recommendations received or not received and follow up with recommenders who still need to submit their appraisals; and
  • expedite the processing of recommendations, which will be included in the online application once submitted.

What if my references can’t access the online recommendation?

In the event a reference cannot access the online recommendation, please contact the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences admissions staff for instructions.


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