The Master’s in Learning and Design program begins by establishing a common vocabulary and knowledge base. Starting with a core of courses that sketch the contours of critical topics in learning and design—data analytics, technology and innovation, leadership, and instructional design—students will move into one of four tracks that dig deeper into the challenges and opportunities of an area of work in the field.

The Program

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4 Program Tracks

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Course Listing

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The Program

The Masters in Learning and Design curriculum combines core requirements at the program level with track level coursework and electives for a total of 36 credit hours. It balances both theoretical and applied perspectives and engages students in reflective and integrative practice throughout their course of study.

Program Tracks

In addition to a broad foundational understanding of the key concepts of design, innovation, narrative, and analytics, our program offers several tracks from which students are able to focus their studies including Learning Design, Technology Innovation and Learning Analytics (Launching in fall 2018) and Higher Education Leadership (launching in fall 2019).

When applying to the program, students will indicate their preferred track. In their first year, students will enroll in a set of foundational program and track core courses, and in their second year they will enroll in the Design Studio and elective courses.




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