The Master’s in Learning and Design is a one-year program that begins by establishing a common vocabulary and knowledge base for students. Students will explore and engage with critical topics in learning and design, including data analytics, technology innovation, leadership, and instructional design. Our curriculum balances theory with practice, empowering students with opportunities to apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world teaching and learning scenarios.

Program Requirements

The Master’s in Learning and Design offers an integrated curriculum with requirements that work together to equip students with critical tools in the field, specialized expertise, real-world experiences, and a portfolio of work to showcase to future employers.

The program requirements include 30 credits of coursework, as well as an internship and ePortfolio. Coursework credits are broken down as follows:

  • Integrated Introduction to the Field Course (1 Course – 3 Credits)
  • Program Core Courses (4 Courses – 12 Credits)
  • Advanced Topics Courses (3 Courses – 9 Credits)
  • Design Studio (3 Courses – 6 Credits)
Summer 1 (August) Fall Spring Summer 2
Integrated Introduction to the Field Methods of Learning and Design Technology & Innovation by Design Advanced Topics Course
Designing the Future(s) of the University Learning Analytics Studio Capstone
Advanced Topics Course Advanced Topics Course
Design Studio Design Studio

Program Tracks

In addition to a broad foundational understanding of the key concepts of design, innovation, narrative, and analytics, our program offers several tracks from which students are able to focus their studies including Learning Design, Technology Innovation, Learning Analytics and Higher Education Leadership. Once enrolled in the program, students will indicate their preferred track(s).

Learning Design Track:

The Learning Design track explores the process of design, design theory, and design methodology in order to understand that design is a process of innovation that is intentional, systematic, and dynamic. Students will explore critical facets of instructional design, as well as the tools needed to address teaching and learning challenges.

Technology Innovation Track:

The Technology Innovation track engages students in a deep study of the intersections between technology and learning in higher education, with practical experience in applied innovation. Students will explore the role that policy, leadership, and analytics play in designing, developing, and implementing new media technologies.

Learning Analytics Track:

The Learning Analytics track will enable students to harness the power of data with regard to learning–and learners–to shape the future of education. In this track, students will not only engage with educational data mining and statistics, but also theories from psychological perspectives in relation to judgement and decision-making.

Higher Education Leadership Track:

The Higher Education Leadership track prepares students to become future leaders of higher education institutions. In this track, students will explore decision-making, finances, and politics within institutions of higher education.


Our courses expose students to critical tools and concepts, while also providing opportunities to specialize and apply their learning through engaging in real-world teaching and learning work.

We invite prospective students to review our courses and imagine themselves in our program, exploring the many facets of learning and design. Below is a list of possible offerings that include courses offered by the MA in Learning and Design and cross-listed courses in partnering programs.


LDES-500 Integrated Introduction to the Field
LDES-501 Methods of Learning and Design
LDES-502 Technology and Innovation by Design
LDES-503 Designing the Future(s) of the University
LDES-504 Learning Analytics


LDES-612 Mapping the Curriculum
LDES-647 The Technology Ecosystem
LDES-686 Web Design and Developmental Learning
LDES-712 Digital Learning
LDES-718 Faculty Development Theories and Models
LDES-723 Higher Education: History, Contexts, and Challenges
LDES-748 Ethics by Design
LDES-768 Qualitative Approaches to Learning Analytics
LDES-772 Narrative and Storytelling in Education
LDES-788 Designing for Social Justice

*Not all courses are taught each semester.

(Electives may be chosen from courses within the program or partner programs and departments across campus)

CCTP-820 Leading by Design: Principles of Technical and Social Systems
CCTP-740-01 Serious Games: Theory and Practice
CCTP-584-01 Documentary Video Production
CCTP-655-01 Media Production Lab
CCTP-617 Interaction Design: Electronics and Semantics
CCTP-611 Systemic Design for User Experience
CCTP-599 Digital Game Studio
CCTP-711 Semiotics and Cognitive Technologies
CCTP-806 Product Development in the New Digital Age
EDTR-507 Organizational Change in Education
EDTR-508 Policy Analysis in Education