The mission of Georgetown University’s Program in Learning and Design is to give our students a deep foundation in the tools and theory of learning design, technology innovation, learning analytics, and higher education leadership, a foundation on which they can create engaging and innovative learning experiences for all students.

The landscape of higher education is complex and continually changing, posing challenges to what it means to be an effective teacher and successful student learner. The Master’s in Learning and Design was built from the ground up to give students a broad conceptual foundation in the theories of learning and teaching coupled with real world experience in faculty development, educational technology, and instructional design. The Program is stewarded by Georgetown’s Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS), and has the distinction of being the first degree program in Learning and Design to have started in a Center for Teaching Excellence and Technology Innovation. Through design projects and internships, students in the Program will learn from the Center’s 17 years of experience working with faculty, departments, and students to respond to the challenges facing higher education and student success.  With the tools and knowledge they gain from the Program, students will be equipped to navigate these challenges and pursue careers in instructional and learning design, instructional technology, learning analytics, online program development, higher education administration, and more.

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A Diverse Curriculum for Deep Engagement

The complexity of higher education’s dynamic environment requires a breadth of knowledge across all the issues of learning and design. With that in mind, the Master of Arts in Learning and Design offers a diverse core curriculum as well as several tracks for more focused engagement.

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Core Values that Drive Our Program

Learning and design are grounded in a belief that institutions of higher education have a responsibility to think intentionally about learning and the holistic development of students.

Our program embraces instructional design’s methods while recognizing the need for innovation that responds to the emerging and undefined challenges that students and faculty face. Our processes allow students to integrate theory and practice and to reflect on their own learning, facilitating the transformational experiences that are at the heart of learning-centered education. We are committed to preparing creative designers, innovators and leaders who are ready to uncover learning’s challenges and shape the future of higher education.

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